Products / Categories

-Smoked salmon
-Smoked salmon trout
-Marinated (gravad) salmon
-Smoked salmon with herbs
-Hot smoked salmon

-Salmon trout
-Fly fish (Tobikko)


Shrimps & Crab sticks
-Crab sticks (surimi)
-Shrimps, etc, in brine


Products for retailing and HORECA segment.

It is a main objective of our company to provide our partners with a widest range of product, according to their demand. A net work of suppliers have been established all over the world, enabling us to offer almost any kind of products:

  • Shrims and prawns, cold water, warm water
  • North Atlantic fish spesies, all kinds
  • Excotic fish and fish fillets, fresh water, seawater
  • Sardines from Morocco
  • Pike perch
  • Caviars and roe products
  • Breaded fish products
  • Surimi/imitation products
  • Crab sticks
  • Mussels, with and without shell, blue mussel, greenshell mussels
  • Scallops
  • Stock fish of cod, saithe, tusk, haddock
  • Salted/dried fish, ”Klippfisk”
  • Farmed fish species, salmon, salmon trout, halibut, turbot.
  • Canned fish products, salmon, mackerel, cod liver.
  • Herring tid-bits and fillets in various sauces
  • Fish burgers (like salmon burgers), ”fish cakes”, fish pudding” (Scandinavian style)
  • Etc.

Products for further processing.

  • Pelagic fish, herring mackerel, round, fillets.
  • Fish roe, hoki, cod, capelin, lumpfish.
  • Salmon salmon fillets, steaks
  • Salmon back bones, belly lists, bits & pieces, mince


  • Edible oils, argan, coconut, olive, sesam, sunflower, pumpkin seed.
  • Halal meat products

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